Autism FAQ

– What is the difference between autism and Aspergers?

– Isn’t it more respectful to say “person with autism” rather than “autistic person”? [cite NICE guidelines and NAS survey]

– Isn’t autism an illness? Isn’t there a cure?

– Shouldn’t autistic people be accessing specialist services for mental health problems?

– Why don’t you talk about high and low functioning autism on this website?

– What is ‘female autism’?

– Do all autistic people have a diagnosis? Should someone who is possibly autistic get a diagnosis?

– I don’t believe in labels. Why should it be relevant if someone is autistic?

– Can autistic people have careers /relationships /children /etc?

– I have heard that autistic people don’t have empathy. Is this true?

– Are all autistic people introverts?

– I think I /my partner /child /someone else I know might be autistic. What should I do?

– Where can I find out more about autism and autistic experiences?